Can you get the high score?

Jump as high as possible to earn more points!
Avoid lava and red blocks, dash through greens and don't fell off the map!


• Tap left or right to JUMP
• Hold left or right to DASH

Dashing can get you through green blocks.

Note: web version has local-only leaderboards (because Firebase doesn't support other platforms than mobile). For online rankings, download the Android app.

All assets, including Sprites, Music, Code (except for the font) made by Horun (me).

Also available on


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You made a really cool game. I really like the mechanics of the climbing, and you even made it difficult to just stay in the middle. Also the graphics are phenomena, I love the glowing effects.

I had a little problem playing the game, maybe I'm bad, but My distance was a negative number. I saw that a little bit weird,  but other than that I love your game you, did a great job.

Any plans to publish this on google play? It feels a lil dodgy downloading a ZIP and installing an apk like this.


I'm actually in the middle of publishing process, have to wait for Google to accept the game. Stay tuned!

Any update on this?

Hey, sorry for the looong delay, Couldn't find the time to set everything right.

Pok is now available on google Play!

Great, I’ve got it! The gameplay is really fun and I love the feel of the graphics. The only feedback I have really is the controls could feel a bit more responsive. Currently, it seems like you only change direction once you release your finger, instead of as soon as your finger touches the screen. I realise it’s probably set up this way so you can detect the long touch for dash. I’m not sure if this would work, but I would suggest trying a different version of the controls, where it responds as soon you touch the screen (touch down event on mobile, key down event on a computer), then once a touch has been detected for long enough, change to dash mode. This would feel quite different but a lot more responsive I would imagine. What do you think? Btw this is a minor thing but the android icon is still the unity icon on my homescreen.